Frequently asked questions and answers about the electronic queue in pre-school educational organizations


Parents include the necessary information about the child for the registration in the electronic queue for a place in the kindergarten at the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. After the registration parents receive notification about the available free places (by email and/or mobile app). Parents come to kindergarten after receiving a verification of the free spaces availability by email within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the notification and provide with  the necessary documents from the request of the kindergartens for the child enrollment according to the State standard of the Kyrgyz Republic “Preschool education and child care” and health and hygiene standards.

          The verification of the child’s status in the queue is possible through the number of the birth certificate or registration number in the Unified electronic register

          The system makes the distribution, once there are free spaces available in the kindergarten. The group gathering at the state preschool educational institution is practiced with the accordance of maximum occupancy groups and health and hygiene standards:

  • I younger group (from 2 to 3 years) - up to 25 children;
  • II younger group (from 3 to 4 years) - up to 30 children;
  • middle group (from 4 to 5 years) - up to 30 children;
  • older group (from 5 to 6 years) - up to 30 children;
  • preparatory group (from 6 to 7 years) to 30 children;

         The system has enrolled the first beneficiaries in the appropriate age group.

         Different groups might contain different number of seats, so it happens that those who stand in the queue earlier get a place later. In each age group, all places are distributed by the turn. Children grow up, a child who was not in the nursery, in a year he will be suitable for the age of the younger group.

        The Kyrgyz Republic has statutory preferential categories of citizens. All children stand in a single turn, but by the law, the “privileged” group is the first who gets the place, others will be in the common queue.  Because of the benefits, the order differs from the chronological order. Due to the beneficiaries are at the different age, the system enrolls the first beneficiaries in the appropriate age groups.

       Preferential categories of citizens are:

  • children from large families (having 5 or more children);
  • Children of  the invalid parents  I and II groups;
  • orphans and semi-orphans, left without parental care;
  • children of participants of military events (victims and participants in the Aksy events of 2002, the April events of 2010);
  • children under the guardianship;
  • children of the servicemen;
  • Other categories of beneficiaries covered by the Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

         The applicant cannot boost the turn process. In the case of receiving verification from the system and providing relevant documents for the enrollment, the registration is free, and the child’s enrollment to the kindergarten is absolutely free as well.

         Thus, the "Electronic Queue in the preschool educational organizations" promotes transparency of the education system and leads to the improvement of modern digital platform of Kyrgyz Republic.